Catering, Hotel, Event and Party Equipment Services

Pink Pepper Catering Services LLC provides all types equipment on rent to hotels. The equipment range from heavy appliances likes tandoors, carving lamps, shawarma machines, chocolate fountains, chafing dishes, hot cabinets, upright chillers, chest freezers, beverage display chillers and garden heaters to small appliances like induction burners, kettles, soup tureens, candy floss machines, popcorn machines, ice-cream machines and juice dispensers.

The party equipment on rent range from glassware to miscellaneous items like garden umbrellas and tents. The glasses in stock are namely highball glasses, tumblers, martini glasses, tequila shot glasses, margarita glasses, beer pilsners, white wine, red wine, champagne flutes, juice glasses and water goblets.

The miscellaneous catering items available in rent from Pink Pepper Catering Services can be used for all types of occasions. The items available are garden heaters, garden umbrellas, tents, bins, mist fans, air coolers, podiums, ice cool boxes, cambro boxes etc.

The products which Pink Pepper Catering Services LLC make available for rent come in different types. There are appliances that work on electricity, some work with gas and some work with charcoal as well. All of which are tested and certified to operate in all conditions.

The items available cover all requirements needed to carry out an extravagant catering event. Each item is well maintained and meets the standards of the hospitality sector in the United Arab Emirates. The equipment is imported from several European and American companies that specialize in manufacturing products for the food and beverage industry worldwide.

Unique Event Equipments For Rentals In Dubai

Pink Pepper is the best provider of event equipments for rentals in Dubai. We provide variety of equipments such as chiller trucks, glassware, cutlery, barbeque sets, chafing dishes, crockery, table cover and last but not the least kitchen equipments rental Dubai. For any event the quality and uniqueness of the equipments is very important and we give you large catalogue from where you can select designs of your choice.

Wide Range of Party equipments For Rentals Dubai

Pink pepper provides a large variety of products for parties which include products with trending look like highball glasses, tumblers, martini glasses, tequila shot glasses, margarita glasses. These products are mostly used in parties and we provide these unique looking products at a very low cost. There are many companies in the market that will rent you the same quality products but at a high price but for us our customer’s budget is our first concern.

Reliable Catering Equipment For Rental In Dubai

Pink pepper have each and every catering products such as garden heaters, garden umbrellas, tents, bins, mist fans, air coolers, podiums, ice cool boxes, Cambro boxes which will make your outdoor event look perfect. We provide such products at the best price and will deliver such products at lightning speed. We have all certified products that run on electricity. We first consider the safety of your people, which is the most important thing.