Pink Pepper Catering Services LLC provides cutlery on rent in the United Arab Emirates. The types of cutlery solution available for hiring at Pink Pepper Catering Services LLC are – dinner forks, dinner knives, dinner spoons, dessert forks, dessert knives, dessert spoons, tea spoons, demitasse spoons, service fork, service spoons, service tongs, fish knives, B&B knives etc.

Cutlery at Pink Pepper Catering Services is procured from companies like Hisar and many more. They come originally from leading manufacturers in North America and Europe. The cutlery is also monitored thoroughly and kept in crates, which are used to transport them from one place to another, in quick time.

The items are certified for safe use in the Middle East and are maintained with use of highly specialised washing equipment. The chemicals used to one of the worlds leading cleansing chemical manufactures in the world.

Pink Pepper Catering Services provides cutlery items to hotels, restaurants cafes, corporates and individuals for events of all magnitudes. They can be hired for outdoor catering events, indoor birthday parties, anniversaries, festivals, conferences etc. for both long and short durations. The cutlery when used with the crockery given by Pink Pepper Catering Services make it for scratch proof use and is of stainless steel material. Moreover, the type of cutlery used is as per the current market trends and preferences in the United Arab Emirates.

Unique Cutlery Rental In Dubai

Nice looking designs of dinner Knives, dinner spoons, tea spoons, service forks are also provided by Pink Pepper. We have all unique design of spoons and knives and we have the best Cutlery for Rental in Dubai. Cutlery are the only things that are used by your guest. Stylish looking cutleries are must make your dinner look sexy and perfect. We also provide chafing dishes for rental In Dubai, which are specially designed for dinners and tea time.