Commercial Kitchen Equipment Dubai

Pink Pepper Catering Services provides Commercial Kitchen Equipment and other event related requirements on a rental basis. Moreover, the company also have a range of heavy duty and light vehicles specifically designed to transport food and beverages at optimum temperatures from one point to another.

All types of Commercial Kitchen Equipment like chafing dishes, trays, bain maries, carving lamps etc. can also be rented for catering events in UAE. Clients who look for solutions to store and maintain food at optimum levels use these items frequently. When these items are ordered, the equipment is delivered, installed and checked by a highly experienced team of technicians. This practice is carried out to ensure that the equipment helps businesses and individuals host error-free events.

Pink Pepper Catering Services LLC provides heavy-duty kitchen equipment on rent in the United Arab Emirates for several types of clients. The kitchen equipment available on rent at Pink Pepper Catering Services are hot cabinets, upright chillers, upright freezer, beverage display fridges, chest freezers, under counter chillers, combi ovens, gas burners, shawarma machines, chocolate fountains, food trolleys, cambro boxes, pop corn machines, candy floss machines, water boilers, bain- marie, pizza ovens, tandoor ovens, stock pots etc.

These heady-duty machines are used in several main kitchens in the UAE to store hot and cold food. Many of these machines are easily movable and can be used to transport large quantities of food from one point to another.

The equipment comes from industry leading companies in Europe and has been certified as safe to use by the authorities in the United Arab Emirates. Pink Pepper Catering Services LLC provides these machines on rent for short and long durations and there are dedicated staff member available for technical support at all times.

The equipment available at Pink Pepper Catering Services LLC is as per the current trends in the global hotel industry. The specifications and features of each machine is exactly as per industry standards and can be used to make several famous dishes. The machines come with a warranty and guidelines on how to operate them. Technical support staff at Pink Pepper Catering Services LLC are available 24-7, 365 days a year any queries clients may have on how to operate a particular machine.

Where can you get affordable Commercial Kitchen Equipment in Dubai?

Pink Pepper Catering Services deliver to almost all areas in Dubai. Moreover, we operate 365 days a year, 24/7. The process is simple. Get in touch with us via email or phone to discuss your requirements and place your order. On the day of the event, we shall deliver your order and come back to collect it as per your convenience. We provide these services at affordable costs for clients across all walks of life.